Embossed Floral Tea Set

This embossed tea set is decorated with a brightly coloured variety of flowers differing from tulips to roses, that all fit nicely together. The delicate bouquets on the tea set are certainly adorable and elegant, and they create a warm and summery atmosphere around them. The embossed parts of the tea set are delightful, giving it another layer of interest and beauty. The curves and sharp edges of the pieces are very striking and hold the daintiness of the tea set together, strengthening its overall presentation. The gilt on the teapot really make it stand out, adding to the regal feel of the entire set. The pedestal cake stand would look beautiful in the centre of the table filled with afternoon tea treats.


The set includes:

Pedestal Cake Stand

Tea Pot

Milk Jug

Sugar Bowl

6 Cups & Saucers

6 Tea Plates

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