Large Antique Victorian Tea Set

This amazingly detailed and elegant tea set dates from the 19th century and was made by Coalport. The cups and saucers are in trios – a tea cup, a coffee cup and one saucer. The thinking behind this design is that one would never be drinking tea and coffee simultaneously and therefore only one saucer is needed for both the tea and coffee cup. The tea set also includes a slop bowl – which is used for emptying the cold tea at the bottom of the cup into before refreshing with a hot cup of tea.

The colours on this tea set are dark blue, light blue, white and gold. The design shows lots of small, ethereal flowers in blue, with golden stems. There are also golden lines around the edges of the tea set decorating handles, spouts, rim, stands and other parts of the set. The elegant formations of the spout and handles of different pieces are very ornate and exquisite and bears a resemblance to stately fountains.

This tea set would be a great statement piece when used for teatime with your friends, but because of its stateliness, perhaps should be saved for Afternoon Tea, as its elegance and majesty would be best suited for such a grand occasion.


This set includes:

8 Tea Cups 8 Coffee Cups & 8 Saucers

1 Milk or Cream Jug

1 Sugar Bowl with Lid *

1 Slop Bowl

2 Cake Plates

1 Smaller Plate


* All the pieces are in good, antique condition with no chips or cracks with the exception of the lidded sugar bowl which has a tiny chip in the rim that the lid rests on.

** There is a tea pot that matches this set, as seen in one of the photos. However, it has damage and so the tea set is priced to not include the tea pot. I would though, be happy to let the buyer have the tea pot.

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